Review and Cost of Liposonix in Singapore

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I’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this procedure. First of all, liposonix is a non invasive fat removal treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU for short in order to get rid of your body fat; it could be for your abdomen area, love handles, bottom, hips, thighs, or even arms. I know that liposonix in Singapore is getting very popular nowadays after knowing that some of my close friends actually went for the treatment to sculpt their body. The majority said they tried exercises, or diet but see no significant results. Not bad, for an instant weight loss.
Their surgeons said that this is also one of liposuction alternatives that is pretty safe and not going to hurt your skin, or body because the heat/energy actually target your subcutaneous fat which means fat under your skin before the body actually removes it naturally through our metabolism process. No needle, no injection, no lidocaine.
Please watch the video above if you are unfamiliar with the process. You may feel a little sore after the treatment though, but seriously there is no side effect, or real bruising. The pain was tolerable overall kinda like comes and goes; for sure you can read some reviews online if you want to verify what other people think.

In Singapore, the price for liposonix will vary depend upon how big the area that need to be treated. I believe this device can cover a 6x6cm size. Therefore if you want to get it done on your belly, it could cost you more than if you target your arms for example. There is no one universal price for it, it depends on each individual’ needs and you must ask your surgeon for that because every clinic is different too. But to give you a rough estimate, expect to spend around SGD 1500-3000 for this fat reduction method; Actually from what I see, the range is between 2000 to 5000 SGD. I can give you more breakdown and review for this, if you go to my site.

So far, it does deliver results. You can reduce up to 4-5 cm in waist size for a 1 hour treatment, but to make it more effective you must combine it with healthy eating at least for your first 3 months. My girl friend was aiming to remove her muffin top;after giving birth, she looks slimmer now. She said it took 8-12 weeks to see the real result.

Are you a good candidate?
As long as you are not obese or overweight, you’ll be fine. I think if you have a BMI less than 30; you can opt for the treatment, but if you are bigger than that maybe you do not want to go for this; because technically you will not be able to see any real difference as your level body fat is too high. You better focus on dieting i.e:restricting your daily calorie intakes, and get more exercise.