My Laser Liposuction Experience | Before & After, Cost, Procedure

I hope I answered everyone’s questions and explained this well. 🙂
Please remember that I did this for ME, and I appreciate everyone who has been SO supportive. You guys rock. xox

Pre-surgery video –


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  1. Girl you look great! I've never seen your vids before but I'm definitely subscribing ❤️️

  2. New to you, just stumbled across this video and I must say you are beautiful! You did something that made you happy and that's all that matter – you are shining!!

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  5. I did it! I went to Sono Bello did the laser lipo, I'm on day 2 they removed the bandages today & I can shower tomorrow & start wearing the head wrap. I haven't taken my pain meds yet, that's just me I hate pain meds.

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