Liposuction Review & 2 weeks Post-Op Pics

Surgery Date completed 5/8/15 at Revive Medical Spa
Update*** Link to 12 weeks post op video…

***Update***As of 4/2016 Dr. Michael Shotwell has retired.

Surgery cost 50.
Dr. Michael Shotwell performed procedure.

Here’s a link to his reviews on

I must wear compression garments for 6 weeks.

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  1. Thanks for uploading all your videos, you've saved me a lot of time and money. I was going to spend lots of cash on fat cativation. Its really expensive in Western Australia like $900 for 5 sessions, instead after watching your clips I'm going to go get the lipo. All the best mate you're looking in great shape.

  2. im geting mines done on October 17th. im soo nervous. can u tell me how you got over your jitters from getting it done.

  3. Tisha, I when to Elite, and they wanted 14,450 for my procedure. That's include stomach area, love handles, lower back and outer thighs. Can you please help me find some where cheaper?

  4. Did you fell anything at all ? Pain ?? Discomfort ?? I want to do this procedure but can't tolerate pain ;(

  5. I have autoimmune disease too! diet is 100% key…no gluten, absolutely none..that will help calm down your system even more. people with auto immune are reacting to gluten. 3 months, 100% gluten free will show results. Cyrex labs has amazing food allergy testing. so key for calming down your system

  6. I think if you have a tummy tuck it will be better because if you get all that fat out you will have all that loos skin left

  7. omg you have an inflammatory condition, I recommend a heavy metal detox, metals deposit in fat because the liver becomes overwhelmed

  8. thanks for this video, have anyone herd of SONO,BELLA, that's what I'm looking into it sounds like this

  9. hi there, i was thinking about the side effects and how far later we can start exercise. with the food can we eat well or not ?

  10. whats name of spa again and is there loose skin,how much is much is top thighs or arms…

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