Liposonix: Watch My Stomach Shrink Week 0 (day after procedure)

So I’m sure I will get flamed for this but I don’t care. As you can see, my stomach is a little more swollen than usual. There are no videos on here from people who have had the liposonix procedure done so I thought it was about time someone did one. I just had the procedure done yesterday. For those of you that don’t know it is a non-surgical procedure that permanently destroys fat. I saved my money forever for this. The whole stomach was 00. You can see where they marked me. The pain wasn’t too bad, I had 3 passes of 50. I’d say it’s comparable to getting a tattoo. I should start seeing results in about 4 weeks and I should see the final results in 8-12 weeks. I will do 1 vid per week. Check out my new Bob Marley bikini!

I am not trying to lose weight. I exercise and eat right I just have one spot that won’t get any smaller which makes me a good candidate.

age: 20
height: 4’11”
weight: 108
waist: 28″


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