Laser Liposuction Review 12 wks post-op! *Update

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Surgery Date completed 5/8/15 done at ask for Rosha 502-718-9325 Love her!

I must wear compression garments for at least 6 weeks. Check out my 2 weeks Post-Op video with pictures following surgery

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  1. girl u look great!!! Im going to check this Dr. out. you had real and amazing results! truly inspiring.. thanks for ur post!

  2. Hey so looking at this video and then the 250k challenge. Did that mean the weight came back after the laser lipo?

  3. The financial things in US are so complicated compared to my country. My friend told me about the whole insurance thing and I just kept thinking.. Why? Why make something like medical insurance a thing? It's just mind boggling. Anyway, You sound more happier here than in your previous one. Just goes to show how much weight and medical issues affects a person. So so glad for you! :D

  4. hey how did you get financied. also i wanted to know how many inches was your stomach before the lipo

  5. Well being honest my stomach is bigger than yours to start with, so Im a little concerned because unlike you I want a MUCH FLATTER stomach LOL Do you feel they could have taken out more? What was your waist size prior to surgery and what is it now? Did you go down a pants size at least?

  6. Hi Tisha, I had my surgery a week ago. I have some questions and I needed answers from someone with experience. I don't see much of change in my tummy since the surgery! Do you think I need to wait more? Also, what advice you can give me that Doctor may not tell me? I would appreciate your reply :)

  7. Hey.. loved your video. I have some questions. After the laser liposuction was performed did you need to visit the doctor for post op care such as the massages that regular liposuction requires? Did you need to be drained after the laser liposuction or did your body slowly eliminate it ? I heard if you have a small quantity of fat the body can slowly get rid of it once it gets burned off by the laser. if you can answer this pleaseeeeee. thanks

  8. you should be proud of yourself after loosing 11 inches off your waist from liposuction you look amazing…..

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