Laser lipo reviews: a summary of all surgical and non surgical options Laser liposuction is a term often confused as liposuction without surgery.
Other devices like Thermage, Venus Freeze, VelaShape, Velasmooth, Vanquish, Trusculpt, Alma, Aluma are radiofrequency devices claiming to reduce fat without surgery.

There are non invasive lasers for fat reduction and these are Zerona, Smooth Shapes, Lipolaser and i-lipo. These devices can give a modest result in the right patient. Cryolipolysis is the same as Cool Sculpting and the results can be almost as impressive as liposuction and in some situations even better. The most important thing about CoolSculpting is making sure you are the a good candidate for it.

Check out this video for more info on CoolScultping

There are devices such as Liposonix and Ultrashape which work by ultrasound energy to disrupt the fat tissue. The results can be satisfactory but is quite uncomfortable according to patients.
Laser lipo like Smart Lipo, Lipolite, Lipotherme, Smoothlipo, CoolLipo, Pro-lipo, Smart lipo MPX, Smart Lipo triplex, Slim lipo are surgeries. Just like regular tumescent liposuction with an extra step of using a laser under the skin.

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0:29 radiofrequency body contouring
1:26 non surgical lasers for fat reduction
2:38 coolsculpting
3:35 HIFU and ultrasound for fat reduction
4:20 liposuction and laser lipo
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  1. Check out our newest video of the different surgical and non surgical options for fat reduction!  There are so many options and its terribly confusing-this should HELP!!!!

  2. This video is fantastic!! There is an option for everyone!! Thank you Dr.Blyer!!!! :)

  3. sounds to me that your preference is non invasive treatments as much as possible. Is this true?

  4. Wow, cool sculpting sounds really amazing!  I'd never heard of it before.

  5. WOW! such a great video! I just had my first coolscupting session a week go on my love handles and stomach. A month is a long wait..will I see any results before then? Also, how long should I wait before my next session?

  6. Hello Doc..Thanks for the great info. Can you also tell, if non-surgical lipo can be used for what BMI range, can it be usedfor person with morbid obesity(may be BMI 41) and belly inch of 50 inch. Will be of great HELP!!! Thanks you

  7. "Laser-like Lipo" which is currently being sold on Groupon in San Francisco for 6 sessions for $330 has many odd Yelp reviews. They are either 5 stars or 0 – 1 stars. I don't know what to believe and i just got 6 sessions as a gift for Xmas. What questions should i be asking of this "doctor" once i get there? There are no brand names mentioned on their website for me to do research on them. Help! Here:

  8. Which non invasive do you recommend ? I only have about 3 inches I want to lose on my abdominal area.

  9. Sadly you have not included the most popular non invasive low level laser inch loss systems. Strawberry is rapidly becoming America's favourite, instant, safe, FDA cleared method of inch loss.

  10. I'm thinking about getting one of these done on all my abdomen from 3rd pregnancy. I have diastis recti. Which of these would be better for this?

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