i-Lipo Review and Chronicle of Treatments (Laser Lipo)

For all of the women in America I decided to write a weekly chronicle of my I-Lipo treatments at Dr. Patrick Callahan’s Office (Chestertown, MD). I also made a video to show you how this awesome non-surgical procedure works to take inches off of your body IMMEDIATELY! There are no side effects and it’s completely painless.


  1. I can't wait to see your results and follow along with you each week! Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  2. Lisa, I'm writing weekly about the treatments on my blog at http://www.FamilyFrugalFun.com – there is a category for i-Lipo in the right side bar. If you click on that you'll see all of the weekly reviews.  I'm currently on weeks #6 and I started with a 37" waist and I'm now a 31.5" waist so HUGE great results! I've only lost 5 or 6 lbs since starting treatments but I've dropped an entire size in my clothing (size 16 to a 14).  Oh I almost forgot – I've posted before and after images with the chronicle on my blog too

  3. Results were great but I had a relative with a health scare that needs care for now so I haven't made it back again. Your waist grows and looses the hour glass as you age and I do feel so good about myself getting that back!!!

  4. I found the photos at week 6 (I think)  but don't see where you wrapped this up after the final Week 8.  How many inches did you finally lose?  Do you have a starting and final ending photo side-by-side?   Did you change your diet?  Did you start exercising or exercising more or differently outside of the visits?  Your results are very exciting to see!!     Mom of four in Texas  

  5. Did you ever finish your sessions? Would love to see a before and after or a followup video. Thanks!!

  6. What is the point of this video? There are intentions and hopes but no results!  Are there any pictures of before or after? Any measurements? Are you sharing the results anywhere?

  7. I've been doing the I lipo for about a month every two days, and to be honest I was really committed with my diet and my exercise rutine that I can't really tell if I lipo help me in any way. I was 186 and in about six weeks I went down to 163. Like I said, my diet and my exercise I believe did all if not most of the work. I honestly expected that with everything combine my lower belly would've shrink a lot more than what it actually did.. I can't say it really worked for me.

  8. I don't see how paying for something like this could possibly be considered part of a frugal lifestyle! Eating a healthy diet and doing more exercise is all you need. In fact it's probably the half hour on the treadmill that does more for you than the treatment.

  9. ! i have kids and i would rather put that money towards them not to sound condescending ! or anything but in your other vdeos the eat on 50 dollars you are feeding your family fat sugar and salt and this one ! you are talking about getting rid of it ! but you talk about coupons and saving money ! your contradicting !

  10. What a useless video! No before or after photos, measurements, etc??? Talk about hush hush…

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