Freeze your fat away with Cool Shape – Coolsculpting

Do you want to get rid of fat deposits around the belly, under her bottom, inside or outside of the thighs or love handles, but has been difficult to succeed in spite of physical activity and a healthy diet? Then Coolsculpting a treat for you!

Try our method permanently reduce your fat deposits through a new treatment technique, Coolsculpting. It is a controlled cooling of the subcutaneous fat. The effect of cooling means that the fat cells are damaged by the cold and causing a natural cell death, without harming surrounding tissues such as skin, muscles and nerves.

Already after 2-3 weeks seen the first results. Then progresses body’s own process (apoptosis) to take care of crystallized fat cells up to three months after treatment. According to scientific studies, on average, 20-30% of the fat layer disappear.

Coolsculpting is an alternative to liposuction, but without doing invasive procedures. A treatment with this is a more economical treatment to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and you do not have all of the risks normally associated with the grease-cutting surgery. In addition, the fat reduction by Coolsculpting no side effects at all.

Fat Reduction with cooling, 75 min.

The treatment begins with a consultation where we among other things, discuss the results that treatment can give you and what you expect from the treatment. Together we select the areas to be treated.

More information about fat reduction with cooling – Cryolipolysis.

Before and After

I personally love the result, after 1 session I see a significant improvement on my waist size, but typically the doctor said I need another 2 months to see my full result. My big problem is always on love handles, and muffin top probably like 99% of women have out there.


Watch the video below:

How does fat freezing work??

Fat Freezing and Coolsculpting is a unique treatment where we use one or multiple hand pieces using vacuum sucks the fat layer and cools the fat cells in a controlled manner to -8 degree celsius. The fat cells damaged by the cold and causes crystallization of the fatty acids found inside the fat cells. The fat cells occurs in a state of being called Apoptosis i.e. fat cells die.

In each fat cell, there Triglyceride flowing out of the fat cell when it dies. The subject takes care of the body’s lymph system in a natural way. Surrounding tissue such as skin, muscles and nerves are not as sensitive as fat cells and is not damaged by the cold.

We recommend that you drink a little more water than usual and that you are in the first month will increase your metabolism by taking regular walks.

Here you can see what happens to your fat cells during and after a fat freezing.

What results can I expect from Coolsculpting?

Fat Reduction of cooling is a method that is scientifically proven, it is important to point out. You will get a permanent result after the treatment! The thickness of the fat layer will decrease by an average of 20-30%. If you want a further reduction will be achieved through the repeated treatments. A recommended course of treatment is 1-3 treatments on the same area of 8 weeks.

Already after 2-3 weeks seen the first results. It is also important to understand that the body’s own process to take care of crystallized fat cells continue up to three months after treatment. The final result can be seen, therefore, only after about 90 days. The result is permanent, provided that you maintain your weight, otherwise the remaining fat cells naturally grow in volume.

However, it is important to point out that Coolsculpting is not a diet. Or a treatment that totally eliminates obesity and obesity. This type of treatment, body shaping, where less unwanted fat deposits are removed. We always recommend our customers to combine this type of treatment with any form of physical activity such as walks.

Side effects??

Previously, e.g. liposuction could be the solution to fat reduction, but it is a surgical procedure and is a more expensive treatment. Fat Freezing and Coolsculpting is a non-invasive and gentle form of treatment that effectively removes unwanted fat deposits and you avoid the risks normally associated with fat reduction surgery.

According to the scientific studies done in fat reduction by cooling or freezing of fat there are no complications or long-term risks associated with cryolipolysis treatment. The frozen fat cells are disposed of in a natural way the body’s metabolism.

However, there are some common side effects like temporary numbness and bruising in the treated area. Some may also experience a tingling sensation or tightness, but these side effects is only one day.