CoolSculpting Post Procedure!

Notable times:
1:00 – in, I talk about HOW it works.
5:45 – current (somewhat swollen) measurements. 44.5″ at widest, 25.5″ circumference for each thigh. 42.5″ at widest when not swollen.
10:00 – “you’re not fat, why are you bothering with this?!”
11:29 – how I know my body stores fat here, no matter what I do/history
14:29 – research/evidence/how it was developed. The science behind this process.
16:22 – pricing (yikes)
17:24 – DIY CoolSculpting, you say?!?!
19:47 – DIP CoolSculpting process.

Liposuction alternative!

I cover most questions in the video. Most reviews are positive. All doctors I’ve researched have said it is extremely effective, though it will not result in the same dramatic weight loss as liposuction.

See ya for an update in a few weeks!

For those who say cool sculpting doesn’t work, keep in mind that this isn’t for people who are trying to lose weight. It is for people who have certain areas, like love handles, bra rolls or stomach rolls & no matter how much they exercise, they cannot rid themselves of those areas.It is not a procedure where you see instant results nor is it for people who have no pain tolerance. I would like to share this link that provides a serious, but humorous, testimony by someone who thought they had a tolerance for pain & her results.

As for me, I have very little pain tolerance. If I want certain areas of fat gone & also have the type of pain, described above, then I’ll pay the plastic surgeon. That way, I will at least only have 1 week, max, of pain. My other option would be if I am going to have pain & want my fat cells frozen, I could have my husband put those areas of fat between a vice, squeeze it tight & then throw me in the freezer for 20 minutes. Hey, sounds like the same procedure, minus the massage. But, I’m sure if I bribed my husband, he’d be willing to massage the frozen pieces of tissue until they are disseminated into other parts of my now warming tissue.

It didn’t work. And the pain was not that bad. Not worth the cost – liposuction would have certainly been the better procedure.

Looking in to coolsculpting myself. Did you have positive results from the coolsculpting session and the diy ones?

It didn’t work for me. 0% change.

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