CoolSculpting for the arms (First Treatment)

Watch first hand my first treatment with Cool Sculpting.

Hi shinebright, I had the cool sculpting done this morning, so far so good. Def numb an sore to the touch!

i was wondering how much it cost for arms? im looking into getting the upper arms as well

but, I was asking how much progress hav you seen since ur procedure you had a 12 inch circumference did you notice a good difference I’m having it done Thursday I’m worried about not seeing a difference

Hi Melissa, So sorry for the delay in my response. It was $700.00 per treatment and each arm required a minimum of 2 treatments

You commented that your arms were very sore a few days after, how long did that last for?

How many treatments are you planning to get? Usually the minimum for the arms is 2 treatments per arm with two months from each other. Have fun on your vacation! :)

For now I’m getting one treatment, I was told some people need 2 treatments and some may only need one. I guess it depends on the person

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