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  1. I'm 15 going to be 16 I hope I can get this when I'm old enough because I've tried working out and dieting and nothing works my friends say I'm not fat that I'm just thick but i see these younger girls that are going to be freshmans like I was now I'm a sophomore and those other girls have ways better bodies & skin before me , I can't wait to "Glo up" not for other ppl but for me I'd like to feel good for me for once, and fit into nice clothes that are trending now …. How old do u have to be to get strawberry laser lip ?

  2. I am a 58 year old woman trying to get rid of stubborn fat. First of all, you are just absolutely cute as a button and your personality is adorable. You don't find many young ladies of your age with the nature of class that you have. You are still young and its a good thing you're taking action at the age when its easier, and you are not overweight so you're on the right track. My advice to you is to NOT EAT BREAD. I don't know what they're putting in this food of today, but bread seems to turn into dough once ingested and does not digest, it just stores itself to the stomach and thighs.

  3. I am 15 a freshman in high school now every since elementary school up until now I have a hard time doing stuff because all of the unwanted fat on my body like its hard not having a nice body like most girls plus I get teased a lot I try not to let it bother me but now in high school kids are mean so I wanna do get this done for myself and for once in my life feel confident when I go to school to please myself and not anyone else . do you know how old you have to be and how much it costs ?

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