Freeze your fat away with Cool Shape – Coolsculpting

Do you want to get rid of fat deposits around the belly, under her bottom, inside or outside of the thighs or love handles, but has been difficult to succeed in spite of physical activity and a healthy diet? Then Coolsculpting a treat for you!

Try our method permanently reduce your fat deposits through a new treatment technique, Coolsculpting. It is a controlled cooling of the subcutaneous fat. The effect of cooling means that the fat cells are damaged by the cold and causing a natural cell death, without harming surrounding tissues such as skin, muscles and nerves.

Already after 2-3 weeks seen the first results. Then progresses body’s own process (apoptosis) to take care of crystallized fat cells up to three months after treatment. According to scientific studies, on average, 20-30% of the fat layer disappear.

Coolsculpting is an alternative to liposuction, but without doing invasive procedures. A treatment with this is a more economical treatment to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and you do not have all of the risks normally associated with the grease-cutting surgery. In addition, the fat reduction by Coolsculpting no side effects at all.

Fat Reduction with cooling, 75 min.

The treatment begins with a consultation where we among other things, discuss the results that treatment can give you and what you expect from the treatment. Together we select the areas to be treated.

More information about fat reduction with cooling – Cryolipolysis.

Before and After

I personally love the result, after 1 session I see a significant improvement on my waist size, but typically the doctor said I need another 2 months to see my full result. My big problem is always on love handles, and muffin top probably like 99% of women have out there.


Watch the video below:

How does fat freezing work??

Fat Freezing and Coolsculpting is a unique treatment where we use one or multiple hand pieces using vacuum sucks the fat layer and cools the fat cells in a controlled manner to -8 degree celsius. The fat cells damaged by the cold and causes crystallization of the fatty acids found inside the fat cells. The fat cells occurs in a state of being called Apoptosis i.e. fat cells die.

In each fat cell, there Triglyceride flowing out of the fat cell when it dies. The subject takes care of the body’s lymph system in a natural way. Surrounding tissue such as skin, muscles and nerves are not as sensitive as fat cells and is not damaged by the cold.

We recommend that you drink a little more water than usual and that you are in the first month will increase your metabolism by taking regular walks.

Here you can see what happens to your fat cells during and after a fat freezing.

What results can I expect from Coolsculpting?

Fat Reduction of cooling is a method that is scientifically proven, it is important to point out. You will get a permanent result after the treatment! The thickness of the fat layer will decrease by an average of 20-30%. If you want a further reduction will be achieved through the repeated treatments. A recommended course of treatment is 1-3 treatments on the same area of 8 weeks.

Already after 2-3 weeks seen the first results. It is also important to understand that the body’s own process to take care of crystallized fat cells continue up to three months after treatment. The final result can be seen, therefore, only after about 90 days. The result is permanent, provided that you maintain your weight, otherwise the remaining fat cells naturally grow in volume.

However, it is important to point out that Coolsculpting is not a diet. Or a treatment that totally eliminates obesity and obesity. This type of treatment, body shaping, where less unwanted fat deposits are removed. We always recommend our customers to combine this type of treatment with any form of physical activity such as walks.

Side effects??

Previously, e.g. liposuction could be the solution to fat reduction, but it is a surgical procedure and is a more expensive treatment. Fat Freezing and Coolsculpting is a non-invasive and gentle form of treatment that effectively removes unwanted fat deposits and you avoid the risks normally associated with fat reduction surgery.

According to the scientific studies done in fat reduction by cooling or freezing of fat there are no complications or long-term risks associated with cryolipolysis treatment. The frozen fat cells are disposed of in a natural way the body’s metabolism.

However, there are some common side effects like temporary numbness and bruising in the treated area. Some may also experience a tingling sensation or tightness, but these side effects is only one day.


Liposonix – The Best Non-invasive Alternative to Liposuction?

Most people skip over the fact that any type of surgery is invasive, including plastic surgery. If invasive surgery concerns you, there are non-invasive options to lipo. Non-surgical alternative to LipoPlastic surgery has become very popular over the last 30 years or so, and more and more you see items in the news and specials on TV about the benefits of having cosmetic surgery done. One of the most popular surgeries performed by plastic surgeons is liposuction, which removes unwanted fat from the body. You might be tempted by what seems to be an easy way to lose weight, but there are options available to you. Liposonix if you’re familiar with it is popular in Singapore as the number one non invasive lipo procedure because of its efficiency and safety reason. It uses high frequency ultrasound which target and burn your fat tissue. So far it is looking good and many of my friends have tried it and see good improvement on their slimness. Worth a try!

vaser lipo

Two of the most important options are dieting and exercise. No doubt that the statement just met with a sigh, but it should not. You should try eating right and using targeted exercise to rid yourself of your problem areas. The human body has the ability to get rid of fat selectively, but the overall effect of exercise and diet on the body can be seen fairly quickly. Diet will also help to create an atmosphere in the body which leads to losing weight and lose fat.

Muscle mass, in particular, will speed up your metabolism, which burns more calories through day.Diet pills, hoping to promote the body’s own weight loss abilities can be effective in some cases. It is important to note, however, that drugs with “lipo” in the name will not work on targeted areas the way that the process does. Remember, many solutions on the market are not approved by FDA.

Other include spa treatments such as seaweed wraps and “cellulite massages”, which promise to help break up fat cells and remove them from the body. Unfortunately, most of these techniques are not proven to work, and if they show some ability to make your body look better, it is short-lived. Doctors are also working on a theory that ultrasound waves can break up the fat cells under the skin, and then your body will be able to absorb the cells within three weeks. Doctors working with ultrasound option such as liposonix and coolsculpting believe they will be much less damaging to tissues in the body than the invasive procedures.

This, of course, would mean a medical revolution and be very popular with many of us. Many people pay lip service to the fact that all surgical procedures, including liposuction are invasive. You should seriously consider the fact that any surgery carries risks. If that scares you, diet and exercise is probably the way to go.


CoolSculpting Post Procedure!

Notable times:
1:00 – in, I talk about HOW it works.
5:45 – current (somewhat swollen) measurements. 44.5″ at widest, 25.5″ circumference for each thigh. 42.5″ at widest when not swollen.
10:00 – “you’re not fat, why are you bothering with this?!”
11:29 – how I know my body stores fat here, no matter what I do/history
14:29 – research/evidence/how it was developed. The science behind this process.
16:22 – pricing (yikes)
17:24 – DIY CoolSculpting, you say?!?!
19:47 – DIP CoolSculpting process.

Liposuction alternative!

I cover most questions in the video. Most reviews are positive. All doctors I’ve researched have said it is extremely effective, though it will not result in the same dramatic weight loss as liposuction.

See ya for an update in a few weeks!

For those who say cool sculpting doesn’t work, keep in mind that this isn’t for people who are trying to lose weight. It is for people who have certain areas, like love handles, bra rolls or stomach rolls & no matter how much they exercise, they cannot rid themselves of those areas.It is not a procedure where you see instant results nor is it for people who have no pain tolerance. I would like to share this link that provides a serious, but humorous, testimony by someone who thought they had a tolerance for pain & her results.


As for me, I have very little pain tolerance. If I want certain areas of fat gone & also have the type of pain, described above, then I’ll pay the plastic surgeon. That way, I will at least only have 1 week, max, of pain. My other option would be if I am going to have pain & want my fat cells frozen, I could have my husband put those areas of fat between a vice, squeeze it tight & then throw me in the freezer for 20 minutes. Hey, sounds like the same procedure, minus the massage. But, I’m sure if I bribed my husband, he’d be willing to massage the frozen pieces of tissue until they are disseminated into other parts of my now warming tissue.

It didn’t work. And the pain was not that bad. Not worth the cost – liposuction would have certainly been the better procedure.

Looking in to coolsculpting myself. Did you have positive results from the coolsculpting session and the diy ones?

It didn’t work for me. 0% change.


CoolSculpting for the arms (First Treatment)

Watch first hand my first treatment with Cool Sculpting.

Hi shinebright, I had the cool sculpting done this morning, so far so good. Def numb an sore to the touch!

i was wondering how much it cost for arms? im looking into getting the upper arms as well

but, I was asking how much progress hav you seen since ur procedure you had a 12 inch circumference did you notice a good difference I’m having it done Thursday I’m worried about not seeing a difference

Hi Melissa, So sorry for the delay in my response. It was $700.00 per treatment and each arm required a minimum of 2 treatments

You commented that your arms were very sore a few days after, how long did that last for?

How many treatments are you planning to get? Usually the minimum for the arms is 2 treatments per arm with two months from each other. Have fun on your vacation! :)

For now I’m getting one treatment, I was told some people need 2 treatments and some may only need one. I guess it depends on the person

Liposonix – 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, 1 Size Smaller

Liposonix is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that can target and eliminate localized fat cells in problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles, hips, inner thighs, bra bulge, and legs. Liposonix only needs a single one hour treatment to achieve the beautiful results that you deserve. Dr. Roger Bassin is a cosmetic surgeon providing Liposonix treatments in the Tampa and Orlando Florida areas. To learn more about Liposonix treatments in Tampa Florida please visit http://www.plasticsurgery-tampa.com/plastic-surgeon-tampa/liposonix-tampa.htm. To learn more about Dr. Bassin’s Liposonix treatments in Orlando Florida please visit: http://www.bassinplasticsurgery.com/liposonix-orlando.htm

My Laser Liposuction Experience | Before & After, Cost, Procedure

I hope I answered everyone’s questions and explained this well. 🙂
Please remember that I did this for ME, and I appreciate everyone who has been SO supportive. You guys rock. xox

Pre-surgery video – http://youtu.be/A1azSOTlCu8

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Review and Cost of Liposonix in Singapore

For more detail info & before after pictures visit the site below:

I’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this procedure. First of all, liposonix is a non invasive fat removal treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU for short in order to get rid of your body fat; it could be for your abdomen area, love handles, bottom, hips, thighs, or even arms. I know that liposonix in Singapore is getting very popular nowadays after knowing that some of my close friends actually went for the treatment to sculpt their body. The majority said they tried exercises, or diet but see no significant results. Not bad, for an instant weight loss.
Their surgeons said that this is also one of liposuction alternatives that is pretty safe and not going to hurt your skin, or body because the heat/energy actually target your subcutaneous fat which means fat under your skin before the body actually removes it naturally through our metabolism process. No needle, no injection, no lidocaine.
Please watch the video above if you are unfamiliar with the process. You may feel a little sore after the treatment though, but seriously there is no side effect, or real bruising. The pain was tolerable overall kinda like comes and goes; for sure you can read some reviews online if you want to verify what other people think.

In Singapore, the price for liposonix will vary depend upon how big the area that need to be treated. I believe this device can cover a 6x6cm size. Therefore if you want to get it done on your belly, it could cost you more than if you target your arms for example. There is no one universal price for it, it depends on each individual’ needs and you must ask your surgeon for that because every clinic is different too. But to give you a rough estimate, expect to spend around SGD 1500-3000 for this fat reduction method; Actually from what I see, the range is between 2000 to 5000 SGD. I can give you more breakdown and review for this, if you go to my site.

So far, it does deliver results. You can reduce up to 4-5 cm in waist size for a 1 hour treatment, but to make it more effective you must combine it with healthy eating at least for your first 3 months. My girl friend was aiming to remove her muffin top;after giving birth, she looks slimmer now. She said it took 8-12 weeks to see the real result.

Are you a good candidate?
As long as you are not obese or overweight, you’ll be fine. I think if you have a BMI less than 30; you can opt for the treatment, but if you are bigger than that maybe you do not want to go for this; because technically you will not be able to see any real difference as your level body fat is too high. You better focus on dieting i.e:restricting your daily calorie intakes, and get more exercise.


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How to Heal After Liposuction Surgery and Plastic Surgery Naturally

How to Recover Quickly After Liposuction Surgery, Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation Surgery and any Plastic Surgery Procedure.

As a Naturopathic Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, my focus is to help enhance and speed up my client’s healing process.

Daily I work with clients who come to me looking to reduce the swelling and bruising from the surgery. I work with both mena nd women of all ages in my local area and have clients who fly in for my work. I also work with professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

Some of the top recommendations to speed healing is:
1- Ginger Tea (2-3 cups a day)
2 – Arnica cream (topical application constant)
3- Bromelain – 2-3x doses each day
4. Dry Skin Brushing 1-2x daily

I’ve created a 38 Page – Surgery Recovery Guide that is an 18 week healing program a pre & post surgery comprehensive plan….this might be something you find helpful!

The Insider – June 2012 Liposonix Treatment

If it’s time to get rid of those last few inches without having to undergo an invasive procedure, such as liposuction, Beverly Hills plastic surgery specialist Dr. Renato Calabria offers a way to get results that can be seen and felt in just one visit. Liposonix® treatment is an innovative, non-invasive procedure — the hottest thing to hit the weight loss circuit. It works by delivering high intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy targeted fat cells with no downtime. With his new treatment, Dr. Calabria helped 28-year old Mary Beth whittle her waistline to look like her favorite Desperate Housewife (Eva Longoria). His weight loss treatment has been featured in the media’s Hollyscoop and The Insider Weekend for its ability to conveniently fit into today’s busy lifestyle. According to Dr. Calabria Liposonix® is “One treatment, one time, one size down.”

6 Month Review Post Lipo

Hello Again In this video you will see my healing process 6 Months post operation of my Brazilian bum lift fat transfer experience.

I am going back on the 12th of October for a little more lipo has i will explain in this clip

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